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Milesweb’s Review: How I Grew Business With Its Reseller Plan

Milesweb’s Review: How I Grew Business With Its Reseller Plan

It is always pleasing to have a good customer base when you are a software developer, website developer, or web app developer. But keeping yourself limited to the web development business may shrink your business growth. The best way to expand your business is by getting a reseller hosting plan.

As you already have the customer base developing a website, you can add-on by providing them web hosting facilities by being the reseller. Isn’t that a great business idea?

Reseller Hosting Brief

The hosting type which enables you to buy web hosting plans in bulk and sell it to your customers is reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is one of the wise ways to start a hosting business. It needs the least investment amount to start a business.

Big web hosting companies like MilesWeb provide server space on a lease or sell them to reseller clients. The reseller divides the server space into multiple plans and sells them to their clients. How a reseller earns money is by selling the web hosting plans making a profit. The reseller can also sell various services like back-ups, SSL certificates, extended data storage, etc. You can have multiple clients according to your reseller plan.

Benefits of Reseller plan

Server control

You being the owner of reseller hosting, have full access to the server. You can divide the resources into various engaging hosting plans for the customers to buy. Also, you can create multiple cPanel accounts for each user.


Starting a web hosting business is affordable. Many web hosting service providers give cheap reseller hosting and, you can generate revenue out of it.

No technical know-how is needed.

You do not need technical knowledge about web hosting if you start a business as a reseller host. The customers’ queries are dealt with by the merchant company.


Reseller hosting provides flexibility, as you being the reseller can give cheap web hosting for small business and other business types according to your convenience. Also, you can set the pricing structure.

The various benefits of reseller hosting are making it popular in the web hosting market. Reseller is considered the best and the easiest way to start a web hosting business.

The question that arises is from whom to purchase the reseller’s plan?

While looking for a reseller plan, you need to consider certain things mentioned below.

100% White Labeled Reseller Hosting

In white labeled reseller hosting, services are sold under your brand name and not under the merchant host. The merchant company provides services to you and your clients without coming into the picture.


Check if the reseller hosting service provider is providing the best storage. SSD disk space is the fastest and the reliable storage unit, offering 200% better performance than the legacy HDD storage unit.

Datacenter Choice

The merchant company should give you the liberty to choose the data center of your choice to reach your customer base.


The company should furnish the best security policies like SSL, FTP, SFTP, SSH, etc., for all your hosting plans. The SSL checks every message that is sent and received over the internet. SSL provides better privacy for every website. FTP transfers multimedia, audio, video, text data securely.

Unlimited Website Hosting

See to it that the company provides unlimited cPanel account creation. The merchant company should furnish unlimited bandwidth, domains, and storage.

Various companies are furnishing many of the mentioned benefits, but not all. MilesWeb is the company giving all the services at an affordable cost.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is India’s best hosting company, established in 2012. The company started with the motive of providing the best and affordable web services. The company proffers shared, dedicated, reseller, cheapest WordPress hosting, VPS hosting services. The company is well-known for its best customer support. They provide 24*7 customer support via live chats and emails for every hosting-related query. MilesWeb gives a 99.95% uptime and 30-days money-back guarantee on various web hosting plans. The company is prospering rapidly because of the beyond par services they are providing.

MilesWeb’s Reseller Plan

The company has four  plans for shared Linux hosting namely Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and, four reseller plans for Windows OS namely Neo, Entry, Smart and Plus.

Why opt for MilesWeb’s Reseller.

The company is providing exclusive features at a low-cost for your business.


Host Unlimited Websites

You get to host as many websites as you want to with MilesWeb. The companies provide multiple cPanel and Plesk account creation. Also, you can add as many domains and sub-domains under a single cPanel account. MilesWeb gives the best domain and email hosting for small business.

100% White Labeled

The company believes in privacy and hence, has a 100% white-labeled reseller hosting policy. You run your reseller business entirely under your brand name without the interference of the merchant host. The services provided to your clients by MilesWeb are all under your brand name.

100% SSD Storage

The company provides SSD storage, improving the speed, durability, power consumption, and reliability of the hosting services. It is better than traditional HDDs as it gives better reliability and performance.

Web Host Manager (WHM)

The WHM provides over-all administrative control of the server. You have the liberty to create as many cPanel and Plesk accounts. You can install any hardware and software on your reseller server. Also, you can manage all your hosting packages according to you.

cPanel Control Panel

The cPanel control panel enables you to publish the website, manage files, databases, domains, and metrics of every user. The cPanel is user-friendly and provides the freedom to monitor the usage of your disk space and bandwidth of client account. It also gives you the right to suspend, unsuspend and terminate the accounts of your clients.

One-Click Installer

The one-click Softaculous installer enables you to install 400+ applications like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. You, as well as your clients, can install any or all applications with a click.

Free Website Builder

You get a free website builder enabling you to create a website using drag and drop facilities. You and your clients can develop professional websites without technical knowledge.

Datacenter Choice

MilesWeb has a datacenter across the globe, so you can choose the data center according to the audience you want to reach. The company has data centers in India, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Malware Scan & Protection

The prime responsibility of any web hosting company should be the security and protection of all the websites. MilesWeb is providing the best security and protection policies for all hosting plans. All the websites and data are scanned daily to protect the websites from viruses, trojans, malware, adware, etc.

Email Service

The email service enables creating mail ids, sending and receiving emails. You can securely send and receive emails through the POP/IMAP protocols.


While you are ready to start your business as a reseller host, accosting MilesWeb is the best choice you can make. The company gives you the best servers, reliability, security and 24*7 customer support at an efficient cost.

Research is easy but choosing is hard, so be wise and start your web hosting business with MilesWeb.

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