Handy Guide to Speaking Croatian to a Taxi Driver

Handy Guide to Speaking Croatian to a Taxi Driver

It is pretty useful, when you’re travelling somewhere, to know exactly the best way to get around are. Luckily, alongside the easily accessible public transport network, Croatia provides various modes of private transport. Even though you’ll likely be able to speak English to the majority of people, it’s always good to know some handy Croatian expressions!

So, if you’re looking to use private transport, you have a couple of options at your disposal:


Over the past few years, the emergence of new taxi firms in the Croatian transport market in most of the major cities and towns has made prices much more affordable. Request which taxi companies operate around the place you are staying. Apart from hopping in a taxi at a taxi stand or flagging one down on the street, you can also book one via phone or a mobile app.

Oprostite, koji taksi je najpovoljniji ovdje? – Excuse me, can you tell me which taxi is the most affordable here?

Koji taksi biste preporučili? – Which taxi could you recommend?

Oprostite, možete li mi pozvati taksi? Moram doći do centra. – Excuse me sir, could you please call me a taxi? I need to go to the centre.

Mogu li naručiti taksi putem mobilne aplikacije? – Can I book a taxi through mobile app?

Dobar dan. Idemo do hotela More. – Good day. We are going to the More hotel.

Možete li mi reći koliko će otprilike koštati vožnja do restorana Adria? – Can you tell me how much approximately the ride to the Adria restaurant will cost?

Možete li me odvesti na adresu Ilica 26? – Can you take me to this address, Ilica 26?

Taxi Services Via Mobile Apps

This increasingly popular method has been available in Croatia for a number of years. As I believe you’re already familiar with it, you will only need to have a smartphone to utilise this type of service. The advantage of this method of private transport is that you will see the cost estimate when you type your destination. Uber and Bolt are available in Croatia right now.

Oprostite, posluje li Uber ovdje? – Excuse me, do Uber run here?

Znate li mogu li odavde naručiti vožnju? – Do you know if I can book a trip from here?

Dobro jutro, jeste li vi moj Uber vozač? – Hello, are you my Uber driver?

Hvala na vožnji! Doviđenja! – Thank you for the ride! Goodbye!

Specialised Private & Shared Transfer Services

If you’re looking for long-distance private or shared taxis, this may be a good option for you. Some firms provide door-to-door services for single people or groups and operate in and out of cities, airports, hotels, marinas etc. You can also use this type of service for transfers to major events such as festivals and day trips to many locations.

Dobro jutro; Tražim prijevoz do zračne luke sutra ujutro. – Good morning; I am looking to transfer to the airport tomorrow morning.

Možete li mi reći koliko će koštati taksi od hotela do Plitvičkih jezera? – Can you tell me how much will the taxi ride from the hotel to the Plitvice Lakes cost?

Koliko košta taksi od mog hotela do Plitvičkih jezera? – How much will a day trip from Split to the Krka National Park cost?

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